The Kelly School of Irish Dance offers traditional Irish dance instruction in both Mississauga and Belleville, Ontario. Dancers are taught hard shoe and soft shoe solo and figure dances in a supportive and fun environment.

Many dancers compete in feisanna and the Oireachtas as well as perform locally for festivals and events.  
Students from both schools have opportunities to attend "Dance Camp" throughout the year that feature Irish dance instruction and fun activities.


Orla Kelly (T.C.R.G.) (A.D.C.R.G.) is a certified Irish dance teacher who has been teaching Irish dance in Belleville and Mississauga since 2002. Orla received her Adjudicator Certification in 2006 and is fully accredited to teach and judge competitive Irish dancing. 

Eleanor Kelly (T.C.R.G.) (A.D.C.R.G.) is a certified Irish dance teacher with over 40 years of teaching experience.  Eleanor is an accredited adjudicator and has been judging Irish dance competitions (feisianna) for over 25 years.

Caitlin Callaghan (BEd, HBA)  is an associate teacher for the Kelly School of Irish Dance in Belleville. Caitlin is currently pursuing her T.C.R.G. certification.


4120 Ridgeway Drive

Belleville School- The Quinte Ballet School of Canada
196 Palmer Road

For more information about classes and performances, please contact The Kelly School of Irish Dance.

Photographs by Wilfred Gaube